Kshitij Tandon Albums
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
PhD Bioinformatics
A305/B300 Biodiversity Research Center
Academia Sinica
Study Area:
Metagenomics, Comparative Genomics, Coral-Holobiont, Freshwater microbial ecolgy
Interests & Hobbies:
Traveling, Hiking, Reading Novels.
Hello, Ni Hao, Namaste

I am Kshitij, which literally means Horizon and this is what my aim is. I love to make friends and do cherish the friendship I have.

Some Serious talk, I graduated with TIGP Bioinformatics-PhD from Academia Sinica in July 2020. My research focuses on the aspects of Meta-genomics and comparative genomics of marine and freshwater ecosystems

Want to get in touch with me, please email me at the email id provided. :)

* Student member of American Society of Microbiology
Peer Reviewer
* Peer J, Marine Pollution Bulletin, and Gut Pathogens.
Journal and Review Papers:
  • Shan-Hua Yang, Ching-Hung Tseng, Hsueh-Ping Lo, Pei-Wen Chiang, Hsing-Ju Chen, Jia-Ho Shiu, Hung-Chun Lai, Kshitij Tandon, Naoko Isomura, Takuma Mezaki, Hiromi Yamamoto, Sen-Lin Tang, 2020, Locality Effect of Coral-associated Bacterial Community in the Kuroshio Current from Taiwan to Japan, Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, accepted

  • Ya-Fan Chan, Pei-Wen Chiand, Kshitij Tandon, Denis Rogozin, Andrey Degermendzhi, Vladimir Zykov, Sen-Lin Tang 2020. Spatiotemporal Changes in the Bacterial Community of the Meromictic Lake Uchum, Siberia. Microbial Ecology

  • Kshitij Tandon, Chih-Ying Lu, Pei-Wen Chiang, Naohisa Wada, Shan-Hua Yang, Ya-Fan Chan, Ping-Yun Chen, Hsiao-Yu Chang, Yu-Jing Chiou, Ming-Shean Chou, Wen-Ming Chen and Sen-Lin Tang 2020, Comparative genomics: Dominant coral-bacterium Endozoicomonas acroporae metabolizes dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP), The ISME Journal

  • Priyadarshini Yerra, Shankar Narayan Doddam, Kshitij Tandon, Aditya K Lankapalli, Ashutosh Kumar, Nishat Sarker, Vidyullatha Peddireddy and Niyaz Ahmed, Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein Rv3241c interacts with E. coli ribosomes and inhibits protein synthesis in vitro (in review)

  • Shan-Hua Yang, Kshitij Tandon, Chih-Ying Lu, Naohisa Wada, Chao-Jen Shih, Silver Sung-Yun Hsiao, Wann-Neng Jane, Tzan-Chain Lee, Chi-Ming Yang, Chi-Te Liu, Vianney Denis, Yu-Ting Wu, Li-Ting Wang, Lina Huang, Der-Chuen Lee, Yu-Wei Wu, Hideyuki Yamashiro, and Sen-Lin Tang 2019, Metagenomic, phylogenetic and functional characterization of predominant endolithic green sulfur bacteria in the coral Isopora palifera, Microbiome

  • Kshitij Tandon, Shan-Hua Yang, Min-Tao Wan, Chia-Chin Yang, Bayanmunkh Baatar,Chih-Yu Chiu, Jeng-Wei Tsai, Wen-Cheng Liu, and Sen-Lin Tang, 2018,
    Bacterial community in water and air of two sub-alpine lakes in Taiwan, Microbes and Environments

  • Kshitij Tandon, Pei-Wen Chiang, Wen-Ming Chen and Sen-Lin Tang, 2018,
    Draft Genome Sequence of Endozoicomonas acroporae Strain Acr-14T, Isolated from Acropora coral,Genome Announcement 6:e01576-17.

  • Damayanthi Herath*, Sen-Lin Tang, Kshitij Tandon, David Ackland and Saman Kumara Halgamuge, 2017, CoMet: A workflow using contig coverage and composition for binning a metagenomic sample with high precision, BMC Bioinformatics (Accepted).

  • Shan-Hua Yang, Ching-Hung Tseng, Chang-Rung Huang, Chung-Pin Chen, Kshitij Tandon , Sonny T. M. Lee, Pei-Wen Chiang, Jia-Ho Shiu, Chaolun Allen Chen, Sen-Lin Tang. (2017) Long term survey is necessary to reveal various shifts of microbial composition in corals. Frontiers in Microbiology.

  • Sanchini, Andrea, Semmler, Torsten, Mao, Lei, Kumar,Narender, Dematheis, Flavia, Tandon, Kshitij, Peddireddy, Vidyullatha, Ahmed, Niyaz,Lewin, Astrid, 2016 A hypervariable genomic island identified in clinical and environmental Mycobacterium avium subsp.hominissuis isolates from Germany. International Journal of Medical Microbiology

Conference Abstracts or Other Reports:
  • Kshitij Tandon Pei-Wen Chiang, Chin-Yin Lu, Shan-Hua Yang, Ya-Fan Chan, Naohisa Wada, Wen-Ming Chen, Sen-Lin Tang, 2019. Dominant coral bacterium Endozoicomonas acroporae metabolizes dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP)", poster presentation at FEMS2019, Glasgow, Scotland 2019/07/02 - 2019/07/11.

  • Kshitij Tandon, Pei-Wen Chiang, Wen-Ming Chen and Sen-Lin Tang, 2018, "Comparative genomic analysis of genus Endozoicomonas: insights about adaptation to marine environment and in marine invertebrates", poster presented at The 6th Taiwan-Japan Ecology Workshop, Tainan, Taiwan 2018-11-23~2018-11-24.

  • Kshitij Tandon, Shan-Hua Yang, Min-Tao Wan, Chia-Chin Yang, Bayanmunkh Baatar, Chih-Yu Chiu , Jeng-Wei Tsai, Wen-Cheng Liu and Sen-Lin Tang, 2018, "Bacterial Community in Water and Air of Two Sub-Alpine Lakes in Taiwan", poster presented at 10th Asian Society of Microbial Ecology, Okinawa, Japan 2018-07-11~2018-07-13.

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