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Sampling (Jan 13-15)

Our sampling boat (Ming-Tao and Beck)

Lake side

Sonny and Jia-Jin

Fog (cloud) on the lake

Ming-Tao on a deflate boat (the boat was broken on the way back).

Lookout at Tai-Pin-Shan


Sampling in Tsui-Fen Lake

The operation tent for the sampling on the lakeside.

Sonny and Jia-Jin

Min-Tao and Beck

Boat and Fog

Fog collector

Environmental parameter measurement, Min-Tao, Jia-Jin, Sonny and Beck

Ice on the wind shield of our car

Cloud sea near our station

Cloud sea and Sen-Lin

Beck on the way to Yuan-Yang Lake

Yuan-Yang Lake with ice-covered lakeside

A path in lakeside


Boat on YYL with fog partially covered

Sampling boat (Min-Tao and Beck) at YYL

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