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In the past 1 year, because of too busy, did not record our activities and events. Here showed a list of activities and events for our laboratory.

Jan 28, 2019: MiTalk at Tainan
Feb 15-24, 2019, Mongolia sampling (see the photo)
March 9, 2019, Dr. Yui Sato visited us
April 16-21, 2019, Attended AS-OITS Joint Symposium (中研院-沖繩國際大學聯合會議)
April 27, 2019, Speech at Ken-Ting National Park(珊瑚保育周,主講人)
May 4, 2019. Taiwan Microbiome (主持一組講者,微菌聯盟會議)
May 11-13, Taiwan Society for Microbial Ecology, annual meeting (ASME meeting) at Tung-Hai University.
May 13-20, 2019, Visited University of Jeju (Prof. Kwang-Sik Albert Choi )
June 4, Speech at National Taiwan University
June 23-28, SAB meeting
July 27-30, Underwater Investigation Workshop (水下調查工作坊)
Aug 15-17, Annual Meeting for Bacteriology (細菌年會)
Aug 30, Multi-Omics Meeting
Sep 2-4, Sampling at Taitung (soil microbes)
Sep 20, Meeting with Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Sep 26, Dr. Morita (From Sasoko Station at Okinawa) visited BRC
Sep 30-Oct 5, Prof. Yamashiro from Sasoko Station at Okinawa visited us and Green Island
Oct 15, 2019, Speech at Department of Biotechnology, National Taiwan University (Invited by Prof. Chi-Te Liu)
Oct 22, 2019, Mitalk at 蔡元培館(中研院)
Oct 30-Nov 2, 2019, Visited Miyazaki University and Dr. Nina Yosuda
Nov 5,2019, Met Prof. Martine Devic at Marine Station (French) near Spain
Nov 6-9, 2019, Prof. Minamisawa from University of Tohoku visited (Nov 7 gave a speech)
Nov 12-13, Visited Taitung for soil sampling
Nov 16, Speech at National Yang-Ming University (MIcrobiota Informatics Workshop)
Nov 18-22, Dr. Tuyet from National Academy of Vietnam at Haiphong visited.
Dec 2-8, Prof. Yoshi Omiya and Prof. Kamagata visited AS and Green Island (from sampling)
Dec 20, 2019, Speech at National Taiwan University (AI-and health care research center)科技部人工智慧技術暨全幅健康照護聯合研究中心
Jan 16-17, Mitalk Meeting at NTU
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